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  • Most of our books are now available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and ebook. Links are provided.
  • Our goal is to make all of our books available in this format by the spring of 2022.
  • SBA Books will continue to ship hardcover books (including dust jackets) for the
    following titles: Pony Tales: Night Mischief, Under the Crybaby Tree, Josephine's First Day of School, Art From the Heart, and the Maggie McNair stories.
  • The author of the Maggie McNair series will continue to personalize any of the books upon request, and shipping is free when ordering from SBA Books website.
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Art From the Heart – Hardcover Book

From a young age, Ricky loved to create art. He sketched detailed scenes of his life growing up near the bay. When a terrible accident left Ricky blind, he gave up all hope of creating art again. Encouraged by family and friends, Ricky worked to overcome obstacles and discovered new ways to make art. What…


Maggie McNair Gift Pack

This is only available on website.


Thought is Not the Boss of Me

When a young boy or girl learns to control their thoughts, the result is a happier, well-behaved child with a good attitude.

Kingdom of Dreams

Maggie McNair Get Your Finger Out Of There – Hardcover Book

Maggie McNair Has Spiders In Her Hair – Hardcover Book

Maggie McNair Has Sugar Bugs In There – Hardcover Book

Josephine’s First Day of School- Hardcover Book

Maggie McNair Wears Stinky Underwear – Hardcover Book

Pony Tales – Night Mischief – Hardcover Book

Although he is a very obedient pony, Night Mischief seems to be misjudged from the day he was born. Because his name is Mischief, people (as well as the other horses), think he is a naughty pony. When one of the other ponies gets into trouble, Mischief is blamed, even though he actually tried to…


Under The Cry Baby Tree – Hardcover Book

Life isn’t always fair, especially for children who suffer from their parent’s poor choices. Under the Crybaby Tree tells a story of a bear named Koya who gets on the wrong path in life and brings two little cubs named Lulu and Kite into her world of self-destruction. As Koya tries to find her way…


Twas the Night That Began Christmas – Hardcover Book

Maggie McNair CD

FIVE Brand New Original Songs by the Evan & Zachariah Band! These songs will leave the whole family dancing and singing along! *Maggie McNair Theme Song *Big Enough *Sugar Bug *The News *Good Night Love


Coming in 2022

Atlee’s Song

SBA Books

Thought is Not the Boss of Me

TINTBOM cover with sub RGB

Kingdom of Dreams


Born to Love


Bill the Bluetick Hound cover by Nidhom