Under The Cry Baby Tree – Hardcover Book


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Life isn’t always fair, especially for children who suffer from their parent’s poor choices. Under the Crybaby Tree tells a story of a bear named Koya who gets on the wrong path in life and brings two little cubs named Lulu and Kite into her world of self-destruction. As Koya tries to find her way towards a healthier lifestyle, the family comes together to provide comfort to the baby cubs.

Many families across the world will relate to this heart warming story of love and hope. Under the Crybaby Tree delivers a universal message to comfort children who are innocent victims of their parents’ choices and gives the families an invaluable tool in helping explain their circumstances with clarity and tenderness. Under the Crybaby Tree will encourage children of all ages to make wise choices, in spite of life’s everyday temptations. It will also teach them that with all choices, there are consequences that follow. This story will be a positive reminder to aspire for honorable family values.


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