What To Do When Your Kid is Bored

Boredom comes pretty easily to children, even if they have many toys, a swingset, and siblings or friends to play with. The next time your child is bored, instead of buying them something new, try one of these five activities.

1-2-3 Game

This game can be silly or serious, however you want to play it! Take turns picking three different items. You have to use those items to do something. It could be crossing the room without touching the floor, tossing them in a particular pattern, or anything else you imagine! Take turns picking items and making the rules.

Obstacle Course

Gather the pillows, stools, balls and anything else you think might be fun! Create ways to climb, scoot, roll, crawl, hop, and more in your very own obstacle course! The longer, the more fun! Have everyone take part and demonstrate.

Puppet Show or Play

Get socks, old stuffed animals, draw paper figures and attach to sticks, or get people to put on a show! You could act out an old favorite, or create something new. Make sure there’s an audience, even if it’s just the mirror so you can watch the show!

Box Fort

Old cardboard boxes can be anything! Just think how many famous YouTubers have entire channels (and millions of subscribers!) watching them create cardboard masterpieces. Stack them, cut them, shape them, there’s no right or wrong way to create with boxes.


Drop Everything And Read! Maybe your kids are just needing a little extra attention, not so much ideas of what to do. Take the opportunity to read a few picture books or pull out a chapter book and read from that. Chances are good, some quality time will happen!

Next time you need something to do, we hope you’ll try one of these fun activities!

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