How to Help Your Child Write a Book

Writing a book is both rewarding and challenging. It’s a little harder than just writing down a story and publishing it. But, did you know that children can be published authors too? Children have been published both by large, traditional publishers, and self published, even those in elementary school!.

​So how does your child live their dream of becoming published?

​First, they need to start with the idea, the story that they want. If you’re stuck for an idea, you can look online for story generators. These simple tools will take random words to make the story elements: The person, place, and thing.

​For example: An orange fox found a donut while in a hot air balloon.

​These can be used as story prompts for your young author!

​Then it’s time to get started writing. Remind them a story has three parts: a beginning, a middle, and an end. A story also needs conflict (a problem) and a resolution (how the problem was fixed).

​Next, (and this is the important part) have someone else read the story. That person can point out words that are spelled wrong, used too often, or if there’s a plot hole (a part of the story that isn’t answered and leaves the reader wondering what’s going on) or a problem with consistency, such as a character having brown hair on one page, and yellow on the next.

​After a few people have read the story and the author has made any needed changes, it’s time for the author to read it again! Read it from start to finish and think about how it feels. Does the story feel complete? Does it feel like it says all you want it to say?

​After the story is done, it’s time to get published! There are books on Amazon that can help your child find a book agent, a publisher, or delve into the world of self publishing.

​Not interested in going that route? Even if the book is just made with folded in half copy paper and markers, your child will be so proud to have something they’ve worked that hard on!