Why Kids and Gardening are a Great Combo

Growing and caring for a garden not only gives your child a great opportunity to test out their green thumb, it’s a science, creation, social, and responsibility lesson all in one! Starting a garden from seed or from seedling is a fun way to watch the plant grow.

The Scientific

How do plants grow? How can a large plant grow from such a tiny seed? Where does it all come from? How does a plant make a new seed? Why are there so many different shaped and sized seeds? This is the perfect opportunity for you and your child to explore the science behind how plants grow!


This is the perfect opportunity if you are a faith based family to talk about how a life created isn’t only amazing in a scientific sense, but also in a creation based sense. Liken your child to a seed. Talk about how incredible it is that they have been given all the potential they have been given, just like this small seed, in order to grow into a strong being.

Social Connections

While talking about what a plant needs to survive, and the potential within the seed, take the opportunity to talk about the possibilities of what could happen to your plant! Liken it to your child in regards to friendships. Those nourished flourish. Those neglected wither.

Teach Responsibility

What better way to gain responsibility by watering, weeding, and protecting a young seedling? It’s definitely harder than it looks! There’s a fine balance between just enough water and too much. Then there’s the sun or shade requirements, and the keeping of weeds away so the plant can grow! It’s a commitment in time, effort, and willingness.

Throughout your childs growing a garden, large or small, they will be learning lessons about life and themselves. All that from a tiny seed and a bit of dirt. So what are you waiting for? Head to the store for a packet of seeds!

Suggestions for easy to grow, near foolproof seeds include:




Sweet peas