A New Picture Book, to Help Children Control Their Thoughts and Actions

When someone says please, thank you, or holds a door, it’s more than just being polite. It’s also because that action is a habit. Good habits are created by a type of self-control and the realization that there are always consequences for our actions.

Sure, it would be so much easier not to brush your teeth each night, (a whole two minutes to do something else!) but then we’d have stinky breath, sugar bugs making bug houses, and bleeding gums. Eventually, we’d even lose our teeth!

As a child, it can be hard to understand those consequences until they happen, especially if they don’t want to listen to a parent’s advice, instead listening and acting on their thoughts always telling them what to do.

SBA Books is proud to show you our newest picture book, created specifically to help children understand that sometimes our thoughts tell us to do things we shouldn’t. Here’s the synopsis:

When Lincoln wakes up one morning, Thought is there, telling him what to do. All day long Thought bosses Lincoln around. He makes him snatch toys away from others, he makes him throw temper tantrums, and even makes him steal something from school!

Lincoln is getting tired of being in trouble, but he’s not sure what to do. Can he stand up to Thought and be the boss? Or will Thought be the boss of him?

Teaching children how to be the boss of their thoughts and actions is critical, especially today. This gentle book will not only make your child giggle, but also provide great pause points, where you discuss the things Thought wants Lincoln to do, what might happen when or if he does it, and how Lincoln could have acted differently.

After you’ve read Thought is Not the Boss of Me! We’d love to hear what you think! If you’d be so kind as to leave a review on Amazon to help others find the book, we’d be grateful! But also send us a note if you like!

Has your child ever struggled with choosing the best thing to do? Lincoln does, but as he learns how to be the boss of his thoughts, your child will too!

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