Is Your Child Washing Their Hands Correctly?

Kids seem to think that stopping for less than a minute to wash their hands will somehow make
them miss all the fun! But they also don’t realize just how important clean hands are. Simple
hand washing can drastically reduce your and your child’s chances of getting sick, and also
others who they come into contact with. But, are they washing the right way?
It might sound simple to wash your hands, and it is, but so many of us do it wrong. Here’s what
everyone should be doing each time they wash!

● Wet hands
● Apply soap
● Lather for at least 20 seconds
● Wash between fingers, under the nails, and the backs of hands
● Rinse hands with clean water
● Dry on a clean or disposable towel

That can seem like a lot of work when you are little, but there are some easy and fun ways to
encourage your child to wash!

● Use foaming soap in a character dispenser!
● Buy clear soap and use food dye to color it. Let your child choose the color!
● Get bar soap with a surprise or toy inside so they want to earn the prize!
● Create a silly handwashing song
● Make up a special handwashing game!

After a time, handwashing will become an easy habit!

When should hands be washed?

Remind your child that they should wash their hands:

● After using the bathroom
● Before eating
● Coming home from school or a store
● Before and after helping prepare food
● After coughing or sneezing into their hand

Using these simple tips, your child won’t just be fighting germs, they’ll be having fun and staying

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