A New Kind of Advent Calendar

A Different Kind of Advent Calendar

Recently we talked about ways that kids could be kind to others, and encouraged doing kind acts to make it a habit. This December, suggest your family do 24 Christmas kindness acts. Do them in order, or pick and choose which you feel like that day! You could write each (or others if you want!) on slips of paper and put them in a jar. Whatever is dawn that morning, is what you do. Any way you want to do this, it builds the kindness habit, and spreading love and cheer this time of year.

Here are some suggestions!

  1. Pass out candy canes at a senior living facility
  2. Make Christmas cards and send to overseas soldiers
  3. Adopt a name off of the Salvation Army Angel Tree
  4. Donate blankets, gloves, socks, and sweaters to a homeless shelter
  5. Surprise a neighbor with a small gift or holiday treats
  6. Offer to baby sit or walk a pet for someone
  7. Do something kind for someone else without them knowing
  8. Find something you no longer want to give away
  9. Tape change to the front of a vending machine for someone to buy a drink
  10. Invite someone who lives alone over for dinner
  11. Smile at everyone you see the whole day
  12. Help with an extra chore you know someone doesn’t like doing
  13. Drop off old towels and blankets to the Humane Society
  14. Buy a toy for someone who needs one
  15. Ask the school nurse if she needs any supplies donated
  16. Carry a neighbor’s trash to the curb
  17. Take treats over to the fire department or rescue squad
  18. Put a thank you note or gift in the mailbox for your mail carrier
  19. Send a letter to someone you have not talked to for a while
  20. Give hugs to your favorite people
  21. Leave a surprise note on someone’s car
  22. In the Dollar Store, surprise a child by giving them money to buy a toy
  23. Drop off food at a food bank
  24. Give a compliment to everyone you see

What other Christmas kindness ideas can you come up with to show love towards others? Can you find seven more to do an act of kindness each day of December?

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