October and National Bullying Prevention

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and did you know that in school aged children one out of every five students is bullied? This behavior takes place in person and over electronic devices, but it isn’t a safe behavior for your child to participate in, or be a victim of.

Every child should feel safe. Bullying is not a harmless behavior, but a community wide issue that cannot be ignored. Sometimes, children don’t even realize they are bullying another child, but this kind of behavior has alarming and serious consequences for the victim.


  • Affects a child’s ability to learn.
  • They may avoid school or develop poor grades.
  • Doesn’t foster friendship.
  • Results in low self esteem.
  • Causes physical problems, such as headaches and stomachs.
  • Creates mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.
  • Affects everyone involved.

The results of bullying can last a lifetime, but they don’t have to. Encourage your children to advocate for themselves, and to report any unsafe or bullying behaviors they witness. Remind them that everyone needs to be part of the solution, and staying silent about bullies is dangerous. Bullying is never acceptable, and together we can work to put a stop to it.