Healthy Habits for Back To School Season

The school bell has rung! School’s in…and so are the germs. Have you ever noticed your kids get strep, a stomach bug, a cold virus, or something else at least once by mid September? While not foolproof, you can help reduce the germs and keep your kids healthy this back to school season by following a few basic healthy habits:

Healthy habit tip #1: *Wash your hands! *

Remind your child how washing before meals and after sharing toys is really important! Not all schools enforce this, so if a pre-lunch wash isn’t possible, pack wipes or hand sanitizer in your child’s lunchbox this back to school season to help cut down on the germs.

Healthy habit tip #2 *Keep your fingers out of there! *

If your child tends to let their fingers wander to their nose, even if it’s for seasonal allergies, remind them with this adorable story about why that’s not a good idea! A multitude of germs are in the nose, or can easily find their way from fingers to nose!

Healthy habit tip #3 *Take off your shoes and school clothes *

Changing clothes when you get home doesn’t just keep school styles from getting torn or dirty during play, it keeps the germs minimized in the places you spend the most time!

Healthy habit tip #4 *Boost the Immune System*

Nutrition is important, too. Healthy meals, fruits and veggies as snacks, and vitamin (given by an adult) are all great ways to boost your immune system and help prevent getting sick. Don’t forget about playtime! Playing isn’t just fun, it’s beneficial as well and can make the body healthy and strong, helping to fight off germs!

This back to school season, be sure no unwanted visitors come home with your child, and stay healthy! Reduce sickness, create life-long healthy habits and have fun doing it. If you need a little help with encouragement, try introducing your kids to Maggie McNair. Tell us how you encourage healthy habits.

Healthy Habits for Back to School