Does Your Child Have Spiders in Their Hair?

Does Your Child Have Spiders in Their Hair?

Beloved Maggie McNair wasn’t fond of getting her hair brushed… and found a surprise! Is your child the same? Brushing hair can be hard for a child to do, and painful when an adult does it! To help prevent spiders (and tangles!) check out these clever hair brushing tips to help your child’s hair be shiny and tangle‑free.

Soften with spray

Using a detangling spray can help relax those knots so it’s less painful when the brush tries to loosen them. Out of spray? Make your own! Put a dollop of hair conditioner in a small spray bottle and add water. Shake well, and apply to tangles.

Stop tangles before they start

On windy days, be prepared! Pull the hair back in a ponytail or braid so the wind doesn’t twist the hair into knots. The same goes if your child is a restless sleeper. Make a loose braid, and help reduce the snarls that might come.

Get the proper kind of brush

With so many types of hair brushes, you’ll find the perfect one for your child! Sometimes those specifically advertised to be ouch free aren’t! Look for something with soft bristles, ones that are flexible. It will be less painful for your child. Remember, more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better! It’s whatever feels best for your child.

And if you do get tangles…isolate the hair

Got a snarl of epic proportions? Pinch the hair as close to the scalp as possible, and hold it tightly while you brush, trying not to let the hair move, as you have a relaxed bundle between the scalp and your fingers. By doing that, you are preventing the brush from tugging on hundreds of hair strands. Instead, the hair feels like it’s not even moving at all. This is a great way to quickly get rid of those tangles, tear‑free.

Distract, distract, distract

If your child is tender-headed, no matter what, it’s time to take their mind off of the job that must be done! Pop on a favorite TV show, let them play on your phone, whatever it might take!

After it’s all over, just like Maggie McNair, your child will be smiling again!

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