Best Pets For Kids

Best Pets For Kids

​Chances are, if you don’t have one already, your child is going to ask you for a pet. There might even be promises about how you won’t have to do anything, they’ll do it all when it comes to the new family member’s care!

​While it would be fantastic if that were the case, it doesn’t always happen. Pets are important though, to help your child learn responsibility for another being, and to be patient, and have respect for the temperament and needs of their pet. A pet can also help your child feel relaxed, distressed and reduce anxiety, and have a reading buddy! Sometimes that other presence in your child’s room can help them not feel afraid.

​If adding a new face in the house is something that you are planning to do, but you are concerned about all the pet duties that might fall on your shoulders, how about choosing one of these low(er) maintenance pets?


​Cute and cuddly looking, these tiny pets are pretty hands off! Keep their bedding clean, their water and food filled, give them some toys and you are set! Generally a docile pet, these little guys are fun to watch, and definitely don’t need to be taken for walks or taken to the groomer!


Feed them daily, and clean out the tank occasionally. If you get a tank with a filter, you don’t even have to clean it as often. There’s not much simpler than a fish! Relaxing to watch, and entertaining as they dart around, this is a classic pet everyone loves.


​There are multiple types of lizards. Not all need a heat lamp, and many thrive in room temperature. Create their environment, make sure they have food and the occasional cage cleaning, and these little guys are fascinating, and unusual pets.

Sea Monkeys

​Did you ever have these as a child? Interesting to watch, and the most low maintenance of everything on this list! You typically only feed these fellows once a week. What could be easier?

​No matter what you choose, remind your child this is a breathing, living, creature with feelings of hunger, thirst, and a desire to be clean, just like they are. Try setting up a care schedule, with everyone helping. Most importantly…no arguing over the new family member’s name!