Maggie McNair Has Spiders in Her Hair Snack

Uh-oh! Maggie McNair has….spiders in her hair? Yikes! What’s she going to do?

What about heading to the kitchen to make a cute snack inspired by this fun book about children’s hygiene? It takes only minutes to make, and even the smallest of chefs can lend a hand.

To get started, you’ll need:

  • Round crackers
  • Something small for eyes, like raisins or chocolate chips
  • Your favorite cracker filling like cheese or a nut butter
  • Pretzel sticks


Lay half of your crackers on a plate and place on the filling of your choice. Add pretzel sticks whole, or broken into halves for legs. Place top cracker on top of the legs. Add eyes. Eat, and giggle as you read together!

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