What to do When Bath Time is a Struggle

Are your kids anti tub? For some reason, while most kids love to get dirty, getting clean isn’t as much fun, no matter how many toys are dumped in the tub! Then, you’ve got those who hold up their hands and proudly declare, “But look! I’m not dirty!”

It’s hard for kids to want to stop playing and take that time to get clean, especially when they don’t know why, and they don’t think they are dirty. But you know how important it is to wash frequently!

Here are some suggestions to make bath time tear free and fun!

Set the Stage
When it’s getting close to tub time, how about a book? Maggie McNair Wears Stinky Underwear
is a kid favorite! Read it before they get in the tub, or, read it once they are in, to find out why
Maggie McNair is wearing stinky underwear and what’s going to happen!

Tub Time Only Toys
When your kid can play with their toys any time, it’s not as exciting to have them in the tub.
Make certain to have “tub-toy time” only! When the water is drained, the toys go into hiding until
next time.

Make it a Party
A little music, some low lights, what about tub toys that light up or glow sticks in the water?
Sometimes kids just need a festive and fun atmosphere! Guessing games like 20 questions or I
Spy are also fun in the tub!

Keep it Calm
If you can tell today is NOT the day for a tub party, keep it calm! Tell a soothing story, use some
lavender shampoo or soap, and promise a cozy snack afterwards!

Safety First!
While it can be tempting to leave your young child alone for just a minute, accidents can happen
in a flash. Make sure to stay within an arm’s length of your younger children, and don’t get
distracted by anything else. Make this about not just getting clean, but spending quality time

Hopefully some of these suggestions make the reluctant bather a little more excited to jump in
the tub next time!

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