Electronics Free Days

Kids and screens are just a little too friendly at times! Have you also noticed that once they go on, it’s really hard to get them turned off? While there’s no denying there are many educational games and videos out there, and there’s nothing wrong with a little screen time for entertainment, sometimes a break is needed. Let’s be honest, we adults also spend a little more time on screens than we should. Between work meetings, social media, the latest shows, and even ebooks, it can become a habit to pick up and use an electronic device from the moment we wake until we go to sleep.

Screen free days aren’t just a current trend, they’ve been suggested for a while. +This website +has some great reasons and ways to go screen free just one day of the week and shares the benefits. Things like encouraging children to play, family time, and allowing a brain reset.

So, what are some great things to do when you are tempted on that electronics free day to reach for your phone or the Roku remote? Check some past blog articles for great family friendly activities, like scavenger hunts, but here are some other ideas:

  • Go for a walk or hike
  • Board games
  • Get cooking in the kitchen
  • Volunteer somewhere
  • Play mini golf
  • Visit a library
  • Go swimming
  • Visit a friend or family member

There are a lot of really fun screen free activities to do. Can your family go one day a week screen free? What about once a month? It’s amazing what a day away from electronic devices can do for you.

Give a boost to your mental and physical wellbeing by cutting out the screen time, and taking back some of your family time!


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