Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries

​Have you ever walked or driven past a little building on a post filled with books and wondered what it was? It might have been a Little Free Library! This phenomenon is now a decade old! The purpose is to get books into reader hands.

It’s really quite simple: find a Little Free Library, take a book if it interests you, and leave a book for someone else. These miniature libraries are all over the place, in front of schools, churches, and businesses.

​While not all of them are official and registered so you can find them on the list at the official Little Free Library site, it’s a good starting place to locate one near you and learn about the Little Free Library history.

​Wondering more about how you can participate? There are multiple ways! You don’t have to take a book to leave a book. You also could create your own Little Free Library at your home, in your neighborhood, at your place of work or worship.

​A Little Free Library can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. Some are quite fancy looking, others are just a simple box with a door. A quick search will show you the wide variety of them! The website even has some plans for you, if you want to build your own.

​Fun or fancy, simple or snazzy, it doesn’t really matter what kind of home these books live in, just that they are serving an incredibly important function, to get books into the hands of those who love them!

A cute free library at a cottage.