The Number One (Preventable) Childhood Disease Part 2

Last time we talked about tooth decay. We explored what it is, how it happens, and who is more at risk. Now it’s time for the action plan! Since tooth decay is so preventable, let’s prevent it! We’ve got five great tips (some of them fun, too!) to help you help your child build healthy oral habits.

Make brushing fun

It’s true, brushing isn’t always fun, and two minutes can seem like a really long time. Find a favorite song and encourage your child to brush, brush, brush til the song stops. Get a cheerful timer, and don’t forget the most important part! A toothbrush they love and picked out.

Read books about the importance of oral hygiene

Just because it’s a serious topic doesn’t mean that it can’t be enjoyable to learn about. Check out a book, like Maggie McNair Has Sugar Bugs In There to teach your child about the importance of caring for their teeth.

Visit the dentist regularly

While it’s not always fun and sometimes it’s hard to squeeze one more thing in the busy schedule, visiting a dentist twice a year for a cleaning is an important tool to keep teeth healthy. If you start your child’s checkups while they are young, they are less likely to feel anxiety over their visit, and more likely to speak up when something hurts.

Limit snacks and sugary drinks

Too much snacking means the bacteria in your mouth is constantly making acid, which damages your teeth. Try to limit snacks and sugary drinks so your teeth aren’t constantly exposed to tooth decay devices!

Get fluoride

A major help in the decrease of tooth decay is fluoride. You can get fluoride form a mouth rinse and also water, if your city or county offers it. Studies have shown that fluoride in water can reduce the amount of decay in children’s teeth up to 40%!

None of these steps are hard, a few are even fun, but each has the possibility to help reduce or even eliminate tooth decay.

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