Under The Cry Baby Tree

“UNDER THE CRYBABY TREE is a metaphorical children’s book with an entertaining but directed story line. Sheila Booth-Alberstadt has contributed a book dealing with an ever more frequent occurrence in our society, children in the care of guardians or family due to parents affected by substance abuse or destructive lifestyles.

Though probably not for all children, for counselors and caretakers this book could be a valuable starting point for conversation in a difficult situation. Written in a manner not so subtle as to lose its meaning and colorfully illustrated in a fun way for what remains a serious matter. I would recommend it as a resource for discussion, for explanation, and for consolation.”

Gerard P. Galle, M.D./ Baldwin Pediatrics


“Sheila’s passion for teaching children that they are not the reason that parents let them down is endearing. UNDER THE CRYBABY TREE is a wonderful book to teach children that their parents are human and that they, as children, are not responsible as their shortcomings.”

Lisa Kahr / The Home Depot -Community Involvement


I am blessed to be the mother of two adopted children! I certainly understand that important decisions must be made regarding the health and welfare of a child. This book showed that even when bad things happen, we still deserve to be loved! My children and I enjoyed this book very much and would recommend it to other families for sure!

Stephanie Stein


As a principal of an elementary school, this book had a special affect on me as I too often see the effects of bad parenting on students. Poor attendance, lack of social skills, huge gaps in academic readiness skills are just to name a few of the consequences of bad parenting seen in todays’ students. I realize that most people may truly want to be good parents at heart, but some simply do not have the skills and some just do not care. However, every parent needs to realize that bad parenting does have consequences for their child and it usually happens within the first three years of a child’s life.  All too often children come through our doors who have never been read to, sung to or played with. Children who miss out on these things struggle academically and socially when they begin school. Their ability to communicate with teachers and other students is not as strong as it could be. Their school work falls behind. This begins a domino effect in which these same students are set up for dropping out in high school, getting in trouble with the law and becoming addicted to drugs and leading a life of crime. Sadly, the cycle continues with these “handicapped” former students giving birth to babies in which the cycle is repeated over and over.
Under the Crybaby Tree brings home the lesson that good parenting has so many positive benefits that can last a lifetime. Thank goodness for the many family members who often times step in to help or replace those family members who simply cannot or choose not to fill the huge role that good parenting requires. God bless the children of those homes who are struggling to make it on their own.
Faye Sheppard

Each week I have children come into my office needing help because of the “bad choices” a parent has made.  Under the Crybaby Tree is phenomenal!  Not only is it a story many children can identify with but it is a beautifully written book that is a wonderful springboard for therapy.  In over 20 years of practice I have never read a book that speaks to this topic and I can’t wait to share it with clients.  From my youngest clients to my elderly clients they will fall in love with “their story”.  Children are completely powerless over their parents’ bad choices and yet it affects their lives forever.  The hope and love conveyed in this book will bring comfort to every reader.

Lori C. Robinson, MS, LPC