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 I LOVE THIS BOOK!! My three year old son loves this story and asks for it to be read to him over and over again. He loves the rhyming and that it is about bugs, two of his favorite things right now. I’d recommend this book to all parents of pre-school aged kids.

Mom of two                                                                                                                                                      

My nine year old granddaughter Reagan LOVES the Maggie McNair series. She now remembers to wash properly when she bathes.


We love this book! Such a fun and creative way to teach kids about personal hygiene! We will definitely purchase more of Maggie’s books. We love them, and Thank You!


 We love this book!! Sheila has a gift for writing children’s books that are fun and educational. Norris is a gifted illustrator and did a great job bringing these books to life with his drawings. Together they have created a great tool to teach children how to take care of their teeth and all other hygiene issues. We LOVE all of the Maggie McNair books.

Jen Atwell

Maggie McNair is so much fun to read! We have read all of the books and love every one. They do a marvelous job explaining the importance of good hygiene in such a fun way. We were so excited to see another book detailing Maggie’s adventures. My son loved searching for the bugs that appear on every page. We can’t wait to see what is next!

Kelly McCrady

We just saw Sheila Booth-Alberstadt at our local bookstore. Sheread to the kids and had Dr. Glass there. She gave goodie bags to all of the kids! The book is so cute and teaches little ones the importance of good hygiene like brushing teeth and bathing too. We have several of her books and my daughter loves them all. Beautiful illustrations and fun rhyming tales too. My seven year old says that the lady that writes these books has GREAT rhyming skills.

B Metzger

My family had the pleasure of meeting the author, Sheila Booth-Alberstadt, at a book signing last weekend. She is a very approachable and intelligent lady. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with her. The books take personal hygiene and puts it in funny terms that makes it fun for children. They read and learn at the same time. Now brushing my daughters long hair has become more of a game than a chore as I have to help her brush those “spiders” out of there. Instead of fussing she is laughing by the time I finish. I would highly recommend the series to any family looking to make learning fun for their child.Michael L Impey, 5/1/13

Bought this book for my six year old. We LOVE it!! As a parent of a child with long hair we too fight daily with her hair. It is a fun book and my daughter and I can’t help but laugh as we see the similarities between herself and Maggie. Sarah loved finding the hidden spiders on each page. We look forward to seeing what the next adventure of Maggie will be.

Sarah’s Mom

 I have struggled with my tender headed daughter for quite some time now when dealing with her hair, until Maggie McNair!! Now she realizes that brushing her hair is not an option, it is a matter of good hygiene. She uses her Maggie hairbrush at home and at school. She brushes before bed and in the morning first thing. I am so glad there is a book series that finally addresses everyday issues parents face with their children.

Happy Mommy

One of my great-granddaughters had a copy of Maggie McNair Has Spiders in Her Hair and loved it so much that I was inspired to buy it for another great-granddaughter that has tangles in her hair and she loves it too.

Mary Davis

My daughters love Maggie McNair! Real life experiences moms can relate to and appreciate.

Southern Mom

I originally purchased this book because I am a big Norris Hall fan. He is an awesome artist and I am blessed to have a piece of his work in my home as well as the book. Than of course the name. I have my own Maggie and she is a terrible mess trying to get her hair brushed. Every morning when it’s time to brush her hair I say Maggie McNair it’s time to brush your hair. Its a delightful book and the illustrations are what I would expect from the talented Mr. Hall.

Stacy Leeson

I bought this book for my three year old granddaughter and she absolutely loved it. It has been months since we bought it and she still comments every time we brush her hair about having “spiders in her hair”. The author communicated with me directly when I made the purchase and personally signed the book. What a surprise. I’ll be watching for other titles from this author.

Joseph Reeves

This is such a fun read for both the children listening and the adults reading it. The illustrations are captivating too. We always stop and look for all the little spiders to be found. A great lesson packaged in a fun read.


I got this for my darling three year old daughter who hates to have her hair brushed…not so much now! It’s an adorable book!

Jennifer Foster

This book was perfect for my child who hated bath time. They really learned the importance of bathing and it ws such a fun story. Highly recommended!!

Joseph Hendon

My daughter loves this book. She says “the book tells me it’s important to be clean and listen to my parents, because they know what’s best for me.” We’ve read the book more than once since we bought it at a book signing yesterday. We will be buying all of the books in this series.

Kerry Belcher

My grandmother who is also named Maggie McNair asked me to write and let you know she loves the book and intends on buying more.

Donna Galloway

Maggie McNair has a typical defiance that my three year old son could relate to. He LOVED the stink bug story and commented often during the reading about “listening to your parents, so they don’t have stinky underpants.” The manner in which Maggie is made fun of by her peers also helped us to discuss the importance of recognizing bullying and what to do about bullys. Thank you for making it so fun and serving the purpose of reiterating the importance of listening to your parents and standing up for yourself and your friends in the presence of a bully.

Jasmine Kintzler

Maggie McNair is so much fun to read! We have read all of the books and love every one! They do a marvelous job of explaining the importance of good hygiene in such a fun way. We were SO excited to see another book detailing Maggie’s adventures! My son loved searching for the bugs that appear on every page.


Stinky Underwear
This book was perfect for my 9 year old who didn’t always bathe properly. She read the story 3 times in one day! Now, she can’t wait for the new book to come out. What a fun way to get some not-so-fun issues corrected! Highly recommend!

My son read this book 3 times in one day! He thought it was so fun. He learned the importance of good hygiene too! We can’t wait to get her 4th book coming out soon. Highly recommend!

Heather C.