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Pediatric Review

Purchase robaxin online, Buy robaxin from india

What a clever way to teach good dental health! This colorful and humorous book about the lovable Maggie McNair and her careless tooth brushing habit has been quite popular with our young patients—and their parents—who visit our dental office. Our dentist and hygienist also love it! –

Office Manager, Palmetto Dental Care, Gautier, MS.

It has been a treat to read this story to our patients, as well as children in our community – including our own. Shelia did an outstanding job taking the “scary” out and putting the fun into children’s dentistry. The story has found a permanent place in our office (and our home)!

Dr. Wells & Elizabeth Hammock, Bay Pediatric & Adolescent Dentistry

We love this book! Maggie teaches her in a fun way how important it is to keep clean and neat. The kids love finding all the spiders in her hair. It’s a great book to have in our pediatric clinic.


My daughter and I met the author at a book singing and she loves them. As a doctor these books are both fun and educational.

Dr. Gee

I first read this book when it was sent to the dental office where I practice dental hygiene. I absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to read it to the kids for dental health month! I bought my own copy as well. My girls are absolutely love this book and talk about it all of the time. They love to brush those sugar bugs off of their teeth. The class I read it to loved it as well. I now use it in our dental practice, reading it to the kids after they have their teeth cleaned. Everyone loves this book!

Jen Rider

Maggie McNair’s continued growth and understanding of dental hygiene is a concern that resonates with both parents and children. Children and parents alike need to be educated on the importance of dental health. Many are unaware that dental decay is the #1 disease amongst children, and is completely preventable with proper oral hygiene. I am extremely proud and honored to be a part of this fun and educational series of children’s books.

Glenn H Glass, DMD, MS, PC