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Sheila Booth- Alberstadt and Norris Hall had a wonderful signing at our bookstore! There was a line waiting to have books signed at the start and we sold over 90 copies of “Maggie McNair Has Spiders in Her Hair” in just a couple of hours! We have not seen a turn-out like that since Winston Groom, author of Forrest Gump.

Emily Bell from Page & Palette Bookstore, Fairhope, AL

This series is great!! I own the local book store in Riverton, Wyoming and from the minute I was introduced to Maggie, I knew it was a MUST HAVE for my readers. My adult and child clients love the books. Not only is it humorous and entertaining but it teaches children about the importance of good hygiene. We look forward to more books being released and will definitely keep Maggie McNair as a staple product in our store. I have also donated it to our public library and my daughter’s school library. It is just too awesome not to share!!

Michaela from Books & Briar, Riverton, WY

The lovable character Maggie McNair learns a valuable lesson in this charming book about the importance of brushing her hair. Author Sheila Booth-Alberstadt  gets an A+ for being an amusing, delightful teacher! Maggie McNair doesn’t like taking baths—and that presents a set of quirky problems for her. This absolutely amusing book teaches her yet another lesson about the importance of good body hygiene.

Valerie Winn, author of  see Forsaking Mimosa