Troll Boy Cover:with Kim Barton



What do you get when you mix a parable with Norwegian folktale? TROLL BOY

Growing up in a land where the sun shines all day, and all night, can be daunting for mountain trolls, especially Troll Boy. He’s been told that if the sun shines on him, he’ll turn to stone—forever.
So during the summer months, mountain trolls stay inside their dark caves and do “troll-like” things. This is difficult for Troll Boy who loves nature and everything the beautiful land of Norway has to offer.

Troll Boy is a sweet, adventurous mountain troll and there’s not a single animal who fears him. He loves playing with slugs, hearing fireside fables by Mormor (his grandmother), and pretending to be the strongest Viking who ever lived.
But one day everything changes. Troll Boy steps into the bright morning light and what happens next…well, you’re going to have to read it to find out. 🙂

In this captivating story Troll Boy will steal your heart, and may even help change a few as well.


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