Maggie_Spiders here Maggie McNair Has Spiders In Her Hair

Maggie McNair, like many other children, doesn’t want her hair brushed. After much persuasion and struggle, Maggie’s mother gives up and decides to let Maggie learn a lesson the hard way. Ironically, threats turn to reality when Maggie McNair discovers a spider in her hair.
In this humorously entertaining story, Sheila Booth-Alberstadt tells a “slightly” exaggerated tale that will keep both children and adults amused to the very last page. While attempting to help her own child with hair brushing issues, Sheila has ingeniously solved a daily challenge she and many others have experienced when dealing with young children.


Maggie_Spiders go site Maggie McNair Wears Stinky Underwear

Maggie McNair, like many other children, is not fond of taking baths. In fact, she thinks they’re rather boring. She avoids taking a proper bath until a humiliating event spurs Maggie to learn yet another essential lesson in life. Sheila Booth-Alberstadt tells Maggie’s story with a sense of humor that will keep both children and adults entertained to the very last page. Norris Hall provides the imaginative illustrations. Maggie McNair Wears Stinky Underwear is a charming, humorous companion to Maggie McNair Has Spiders in Her Hair. It explores issues of body hygiene through entertaining rhymes and a likable protagonist.


Maggie_Spiders click here Maggie McNair Has Sugar Bugs In There

Maggie thinks she has no time to brush her teeth. She would much rather play. But one night she wakes up with a pain in her mouth. An embarrassing trip to the dentist teaches her about the sugar bugs that have made a home in her tooth.


Maggie_Spiders Under The Cry Baby Tree

Life isn’t always fair, especially for children who suffer from their parent’s poor choices. Under the Crybaby Tree tells a story of a bear named Koya who gets on the wrong path in life and brings two little cubs named Lulu and Kite into her world of self-destruction. As Koya tries to find her way towards a healthier lifestyle, the family comes together to provide comfort to the baby cubs. Many families across the world will relate to this heart warming story of love and hope. Under the Crybaby Tree delivers a universal message to comfort children who are innocent victims of their parents’ choices and gives the families an invaluable tool in helping explain their circumstances with clarity and tenderness.


Maggie_SpidersAn Angel in the sky

A beautiful book written from the heart and designed for both children and adults.
An Angel In The Sky, without a doubt, will help bring peace and comfort when trying to comprehend the essence of death and dying. Its reassuring, universal message is brilliant, compelling and compassionate. It will leave you with a hug on every page.
An Angel In The Sky is a true original and has been highly recommended for every household around the world!


Maggie_SpidersJosephine, First Day Of School

A fun story about a child who is different, facing being bullied at school and rejected. Josephine stands strong, and tells the best lesson of all: no matter how you look, talk or act, we are all worth respect.








Maggie_SpidersPony Tales – Night Mischief

Night Mischief seems to be misjudged from the day he is born. He is very obedient and good natured, but because his name is Mischief, people, as well as the other horses, think he is a naughty pony. When one of the other ponies gets into trouble, Mischief is blamed, even though he actually tried to help. The story of Night Mischief tells how Mischief overcomes his name and the perceptions of others, holding his head high, and always knowing who he really is inside.